Interview Prep Guide

Interviewing is hard. We’ve partnered with thousands of candidates over the years so we feel especially qualified to say that nobody finds interviewing easy. No matter your experience level, you would probably agree the interview process can be a high-stress ordeal that challenges your confidence. That’s why we compiled an Interview Prep Guide, which outlines what to do before, during and after your interview. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Do Your Homework

Corporate websites and online resources offer a wealth of valuable information — details about a company’s history, its position in the marketplace, its products or services, and mission-driven goals. This inside look at an organization can help you determine if you are a true fit for a particular position and will give you the insights necessary to think about the value you can offer the company. A candidate who is proactively versed about a potential employer is bound to impress the interviewer and can interactively exchange ideas that could contribute to a more successful interview. Go a step further and research the interviewers. LinkedIn can be a great tool to look for shared interests or connections. Remember, a candidate is hired not only based on whether they can do the job, but whether they will fit into the office environment.

Practice Makes Perfect

There’s a reason that public speaking ranks as one of the collective top fears, year after year. It is a nerve-wracking experience to speak in front of someone (or a group) who is evaluating you based on what you say and how you say it. Sometimes, the fear of public speaking can cause you to avoid the one thing that would help your fear – practice. What was that? You’re so completely charming and over-qualified for this job that you don’t need to practice? Sorry, no exceptions. Don’t assume that your professional experience or your bedside manner will translate into an engaging interview. Besides, if you’re such a smooth operator, you should have no problem doing a few practice rounds in front of a friend.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Here’s a scenario we see a lot – a candidate is excited about the interview, does plenty of research, practices their answers and overall, seems like a perfect fit for the role. But on the day of the interview they misjudge how long traffic takes in an unfamiliar area and arrive 25 minutes late. No job offer. Or maybe they forget to investigate the company’s dress code and show up underdressed in a corporate environment. No job offer. The little details are important. Looking polished. Dressing professionally. Arriving early but not too early. Bringing copies of your resume. Making sure you understand how to travel to the interview, or where to park your car. All of these factors will ensure you can focus on what’s important – letting your experience shine.

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