Welcome to VanderHouwen!

We are excited to have you as part of the VanderHouwen family! Please let us know how we can serve you. As always, we warmly welcome referrals for both candidates and clients. If you have a referral please contact your Recruiter, or you may send an email to HR@vanderhouwen.com.


New Hire Paperwork/Benefits/HR

If you have any questions regarding your new hire paperwork (benefits, W-4/W-9, I-9, direct deposit, etc.), background/drug screens, FMLA/OFLA/FLA, or need to update any forms, please email hr@vanderhouwen.com or call 503.299.6811 and ask for our HR Administrator. For benefits information please refer to our Benefits Portal www.helloflock.com or reach out to hr@vanderhouwen.com.


If you have any questions about how to submit your time, invoices, or expenses, or questions about paychecks, please email timesheets@vanderhouwen.com, and the team will facilitate any assistance you need. NOTE: You will not be able to use this site for time entry.

To access copies of your paystubs or W2s please visit https://eservices.paychex.com/secure. Your username and password would have been automatically emailed to you via the Paychex eServices system. If you need assistance with your username and password please email timesheets@vanderhouwen.com.

Time Off/Absences

All time off should be pre-approved by your Client Manager. Once it has been approved, please email the dates you will be off work to hr@vanderhouwen.com and cc your Recruiter. If you are going to miss work for any reason (illness, family emergency, etc.), please inform your Manager at your work site immediately as well as hr@vanderhouwen.com and your Recruiter.

Change in Contact Information

Any change in address or contact information should be sent to hr@vanderhouwen.com. Once your project begins, please send your work email and phone number to hr@vanderhouwen.com.


For any questions or issues regarding your assignment, please contact hr@vanderhouwen.com. Please keep your Recruiter informed as well. IT and Engineering contractors may also contact our Employee Services Director, Sara Powell (sara@vanderhouwen.com).

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