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It’s all about the relationships. We pride ourselves in the longevity of our recruiters and the clients that come back to us years after we first placed them.  We all have the same end goal: finding the right talent, for the right job in the right environment.




It’s all about the relationships. We pride ourselves in the longevity of our recruiters and the clients that come back to us years after we first placed them.  We all have the same end goal: finding the right talent, for the right job in the right environment.

Industries We Serve


With nearly 30 years’ experience in technology and IT staffing and a team of seasoned recruiters, we understand how to find top tech talent.



Our recruiting team is skilled at making strategic accounting and finance placements, from temporary to long-term hires.



The competitive engineering job market means you need a staffing partner with specialized engineering recruiting expertise.


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VanderHouwen continues to not only provide experienced candidates, but goes beyond and finds folks that fit the culture of our team and help take our experiences to the next level. Buckle-up because you are in for a great ride with VanderHouwen.

Bill L.
Director of User Experience/Web Services

It has truly been a pleasure to work with competent, professional and personable folks such as yourselves. This hasn’t been my experience working with other companies over my career. It was great to work with VanderHouwen – we had quite a few communications and their transparency and sincere interest in finding a good role for me really got me to the point of thinking “Why would I work with anyone else?” Maybe you all hear this all the time or maybe you don’t. But you all are significantly a cut above the rest. For once, I can honestly say I look forward working for and with a contracting company. I will most certainly share my very good experience and refer VanderHouwen any chance I get.

Mike C.
Validation Engineer

I had the pleasure of working with VanderHouwen on a number of technical placements. As an HR Manager, I have worked with many recruiters over the course of my career. VanderHouwen is at the top of my list and the one I called for the hard to fill openings. They have a grasp on the technical aspects of the position, and quickly matches candidates with the opening. They take the time to meet in person with the company and understand the business. This allows them to make a difference in helping the company hire the right person not only from a technical point of view but also a cultural point of view. I highly recommend VanderHouwen.

Diana H.
HR Manager

I was contacted about a new position and was hired by the new company within just a few weeks.  This is a very fast turnaround time in today’s job market.  I was not looking for a new position, as I was still happy in my old job.  However, VanderHouwen brought the perfect position to me.  The new role combined all of my previous industry and product experiences.  The new company ended up being even better than my old company.  They were extremely quick to respond to any questions that I had, and did a great job counseling me through the difficult decision to leave a good job for a better job.  You can tell that the recruiters at VanderHouwen do their research on companies and candidates, and they only match someone to a new job when they are confident that it is a perfect fit.  I have recommended several colleagues to VanderHouwen and I will continue to do so.

Jason C.
Sales Engineer

We have a very difficult position to fill in our Portland, OR facility. Finding an experienced Fastener Engineer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Despite our best efforts to find qualified candidates using other sources, two Fastener Engineer positions had been open for over a year, however, after enlisting the help of VanderHouwen, they were able to supply a strong flow of qualified candidates. I am happy to say that within a short period of time, we were able to fill both Fastener Engineer positions through VanderHouwen and we are very happy with the work of our new hires!

Kimberly W.
Human Resources Manager

Personalized and Expert Recruiting

At VanderHouwen, we combine our mission to make staffing more personal and successful with years of experience working in each of the industries that we serve. Our comprehensive vetting process applies to both candidates and organizations, ensuring we match top talent with highly desirable positions. Not only are we one of the most respected and established recruiting agencies in the Pacific Northwest, but we pride ourselves on building long-term strategic relationships with our clients.

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