Sam Campeau

This is a picture of one of VanderHouwen's recruiters, Sam Campeau

It all started with a front desk gig that was not meant to last beyond the summer. By the end of my first week at that small recruitment firm, I had automated most of my desk duties and started to shadow the recruiters. By the third week, I was sourcing rocket scientists.
My practice is informed by 15 years in education. Evaluating people’s work against a set of defined criteria? Providing actionable feedback? Sounds familiar. Moreover, as an international teacher who attended many fairs and worked with many recruiters, I’m intimately familiar with the candidate experience. Trust, cooperation, and humor are essential if we are to partner with excellent talent, helping them to land their next job and their next jobs for years to come.

Specialty: Recruiters, Technology and IT

Phone: 971.501.5139