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Software Sales Account Manager
Our Sales Associate will often be the first point of contact for leads and prospects within our sales funnel. They will either cold contact prospective leads or engage with leads who have exposure to our marketing efforts already, with the primary goal of starting a conversation with leads or furthering a conversation already engaged. The Associate is often our first line of contact and so functions as both a representative of the company and also a kind of scout, exploring and bringing back findings. As such, sales is also a major pipeline of qualitative data concerning the effectiveness and relevance of our messaging–our data gatherers. Sales Associates are expected to keep comprehensive logs of all lead contacting effort, including what scripts or messaging were used and the response to that messaging. With this knowledge, associates are expected to contribute ideas and content to marketing and lead generation based on experiences in the community.

This position is 100% remote for candidates local to the Portland/Vancouver/Beaverton area.

Software Sales Account Manager Responsibilities 
A Sample Week in Hours (roughly 20)
Weekly Planning: 2 Hours – Meet with Sales Leader and Marketing to discuss targets, establish quotas, clear any questions/concerns, and make content requests for meetings/community events. The planning sessions will also include prospect proposals by sales and discuss any new possible market areas that arise based on research.
Weekly Retrospective: 1 Hour – Discussion of the previous week's goals and outcomes. This is where the sales team can present findings from the conversations they've had, as well as go over reports and surveys. This is a feedback session both for the sales team and marketing effectiveness.
Lead Prospecting (and Prospect Review): 1 Hour – While lead prospecting is a tertiary task for sales, it's important to be attentive and noticing, and so some degree of prospecting will be done. However, this is also a time to get more comfortable with existing prospect lists, reviewing qualifications and metrics of those on your list for the week in preparation for contacting them.
Weekly Outreach Quote: 10 Hours – The major part of the sales day-to-day will be directed toward making contact. Here you'll email, call, visit, or otherwise seek to get in front of people in order to set meetings with our scoping teams.
Weekly Outreach Reports: 2 Hours – Fill out detailed, comprehensive reports of all your contact effort. This includes noting the kind of contact you made, the exact messaging you used, and the results of that effort. Even if you left a voicemail or spoke to a receptionist, it all goes in the outreach reports.
Email Management: 2 Hours – You will be using our CRM, Pipedrive, for all email and contact management. For every contact you manage in Pipedrive you need comprehensive notes on previous conversation as well as consistent next steps. Some of this will be established during weekly plannings, but it's the responsibility of the sales team to manage their own tasks and ensure every contact in Pipedrive always has some action associated with it.
Conversational Analysis (Surveys): ~1 Hour – After each conversation (meaning you actually made contact with a qualified prospective buyer), you'll answer a short set of questions about the nature and results of the conversation.
Community Engagement: 1-4 Hours – This will vary based on events. However, the goal is to be engaging in relevant, approved community events such as user groups, conventions, talks, etc. Sales Associates will spend some of this time researching and proposing events to marketing. 
Community Engagement Checklists/Survey: 0-1 Hour – Following every attended event, complete a detailed report .

Weekly Performance Planning
Given the wide scope of metrics, additional detail is needed to help guide sales efforts throughout the week and month. This allows for immediate feedback to ensure the focus and effort is on track and to course correct based on new and updated information.
The sales associate is an important extension of the marketing strategy and so there are many tasks required to help provide the feedback and data to support improvements to the strategy. As the sales process is created, it is necessary to analyze much of the process as it progresses, which is not common with a mature sales cycle.
There will be some time afforded to the sales associate to be creative on how to meet the company’s goals, but this will be the minor portion at first until the sales cycle has matured.

Salary: $80,000-$90,000 (DOE)

Benefits are available to eligible full-time employees and can include coverage for medical, dental, life insurance, long term disability, 401k with employer match, and wellness programs.

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