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Operations Coach
In this position, reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, you will be responsible for the growth and maintenance of 50% of the Company’s cash flow from operations generated by a diversified group of 9 sites in 3 states. Site-level reputation for consistently achieving success within each sites’ chosen specialization drives volume and revenue. Reputation is also a prerequisite for generating consistent operating cash flow margins. Systems to document and monitor customer service and outcomes are very important for ongoing success and growth.

Historically the parent used a “minority interest” model splitting ownership with founding leadership 80/20 with heavy reliance on financial incentives to ensure appropriate market positioning, quality of services, regulatory compliance, and risk management. In 2019 the Parent swapped most of the minority ownership in individual sites for Parent ownership across all sites except for 4 de novo sites who currently hold minority ownership.

Development and maintenance of positive, collaborative Executive Director relationships are critical to success. This will require 25-50% of time spent traveling to sites. Independently developing and driving key strategies for success through effective mentoring relationships with ED’s are key. Knowing the second level of leadership directly underneath the ED is also important. Identifying, training, & recruiting new Executive Directors as needed will also be important in the role.

Working with the ED and second level team by demonstrating care for the development and implementation of employee affirmation strategies throughout the portfolio of sites will help create higher levels of employee satisfaction, customer service and outcomes.

This position is onsite in Salem, OR.

Key Activities
Be accountable to the Chief Operating Officer for the accomplishment of goals.
Create sustainable, financially healthy and quality programs delivering the highest quality of private pay mental health services to adolescents and young adults.
Contribute to your assigned program’s share of $20M of leverageable EBITDA 2024, Achieve $24M leverageable EBITDA 2025.
Recruit, retain and motivate Executive Program Directors & assist Executive Program Directors with the recruitment of their direct reports for assigned programs. Collaborate with Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Operations and Director of Marketing.
Develop, monitor, and adjust incentive plans designed to achieve each program’s goals.
Maintain positive relationships with Program Executive Directors.
Identify and train “Second” level of Program leadership interested and capable of becoming Executive Directors.
Ensure Program Executive Directors and “Second” level leadership are incentivized to achieve Program level goals.
Collaborate with CMO to drive volume.
Collaborate with Directors of Marketing who will be responsible for coaching Program level Marketing and Admissions leaders.
Ensure leads and pipelines are monitored, followed-up on.
Coordinate the development and maintenance of Website, Marketing Materials., Videos, and Social Media material designed to attract admissions and quality staff to programs.

Work with Program Leadership & collaborate with the Chief Marketing Officer to:
Evaluate the competition and design strategies to take Market Share.
Monitor, evaluate and appropriately modify Program Marketing and Admissions Staff incentives.
Create and Maintain effective Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies.
Monitor and protect the company’s and programs’ reputations.
Collaborate with Call Center staff.
Create a positive reputation for each program and the Company as a whole.
Monitor and measure Program outcomes and customer satisfaction.
Obtain volume levels never reached by any program prior.
Where appropriate, connect the dots between the long-term incentives & the volume each Director produces.

Work closely with Site Leadership:
Mentor and provide leadership and direction to weekly activities.
Organize consistent communication processes.
Set parameters for discretion to make changes vs need for evaluation or consultation.
Set expectations for collaboration with other leaders.
Provide affirmation and encouragement.
Be clear about underperformance or needs for improvement.
Create deep, meaningful performance-enhancing relationships with each Executive Director.
Connect the dots between the EBITDA required to maximize each Directors’ incentives.
Collaborate with the company’s CFO.
Ensure Accounting, Budgeting and Finance Management systems are effective and efficient at producing accurate reliable information and the Companies assets are protected.
Assist where necessary in creating processes to ensure Annual Audit and Tax Compliance is completed in a timely manner.
Assist where necessary in creating systems and processes that support the effective Operations Management of Programs and Marketing Efforts.
Encourage and assist Program Executive Directors to grow their volume and cash flow through well managed capital investments and appropriate planning of returns relative to investment through working with the Company’s COO & CFO.
Maintain and Grow Margins through careful consideration of rates and costs.
Create and implement cost management systems and processes.
Build incentives to manage costs appropriately.
Report progress to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis & to COO monthly.
Develop and recommend strategies to obtain the Companies and Program goals.
Monitor Employee morale and provide affirmations to drive positive employee performance.
Ensure Programs have adequate HR systems and processes.
Assist in the management of the company’s Legal exposure in Collaboration with Chief Operating Officer, Program Directors, and Outside Counsel.
Work with Compliance & Risk Management to monitor and manage areas of exposure.
Assist where appropriate to ensure appropriate insurance is retained and managed with insurance providers.
Ensure programs operate within State Regulatory requirements.
Supervise and/or collaborate with the Compliance resources assigned to your programs.
Ensure Monitoring, Compliance and Corrective policies and procedures are in place.

In addition to the general ownership and care of each site, it will be important to:
Collaborate with Parent and site level marketing departments to drive consistent, predictable volume & revenue.
Culture & Employee Affirmation: Work with Site Leadership to measure and maintain positive culture and confident employee morale.
Monitor and manage defined staffing ratios and related costs to meet targeted expenses based on volume.
Create systems to measure and monitor customers’ experiences and outcomes, using the results to develop and implement strategies for improvement.
Develop and maintain effective compensation and incentive plans for site level leadership to drive optimal performance.
Be familiar with state regulations, work with staff assigned to focus on these areas and evaluate current processes to ensure programs remain in compliance.
Identify future Executive Director candidates among ED direct reports. Develop & implement appropriate training programs.

Qualifications & Skills:
Entrepreneurial perspective with strong desire for ownership of processes, independence in problem solving, and accountability for results.
Broad level, creative thinking with the ability to independently develop and drive strategies through collaborative and mentor-based site level relationships and Parent level professional staff.
Financial acumen and experience in budgeting, financial analysis, and cost control.
Ability to prioritize and manage multiple initiatives simultaneously.
Bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field, MBA strongly preferred.

Compensation: $150,000/year. (DOE)

Our client provides a wide range of benefits to employees who work at least 20 hours per week, including health care, retirement savings plans, paid time off, and more.
*Note that eligibility and cost of benefits can vary depending on the number of regularly scheduled hours, and job status such as regular full-time, regular part-time, seasonal, or temporary employment.

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