Partner with a staffing firm that understands the engineering industry. We help engineers propel their careers to the next level and support companies in growing their teams. With decades of experience working with organizations of every size, VanderHouwen has a proven track record of making successful long-term engineering placements.


Every region has a different job market with particular advantages, and we understand your needs are specific. Our experienced team has deep knowledge about the local industry and uses that to your benefit.


VanderHouwen is family owned and operated, and provides a personalized partnership to everyone we work with. Both candidates and clients can expect a friendly and comprehensive experience from our engineering team.


Beyond skills assessment, we’re dedicated to finding the perfect match. From company fit to salary expectations, we take a holistic approach to identifying and placing candidates.

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Let’s Make a Career Plan

Get more than a new job; get a career plan. Engineering professionals that work with VanderHouwen use our recruiters to create strategic career plans, understand the kind of roles and organizations where they would thrive, and develop cutting-edge skills in order to help them expand the scope of their careers.

Our Recruiters Are Connected

Our engineering placement team has tenured experience connecting engineering professionals with a variety or employers in local and national markets. We’ll identify your hiring goals, filter top talent and secure placements. We use a consultative approach with job seekers and offer our knowledge on the skills needed to be competitive in today’s market.

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Hire Engineering Professionals - VanderHouwen

Hire the Right Engineering Professional

When talent is limited, it’s vital that you can quickly access qualified engineers and make offers that get accepted. Your VanderHouwen account manager will connect you with comprehensive employer resources.

Prepare for Your Dream Engineering Job

When it comes to landing your dream job, every detail matters. VanderHouwen candidates get tips on resume writing, help prepping for interviews and guidance on their careers.

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