Tired of aimlessly searching on job boards? Stressed out about the idea of going through a challenging and timely job search? Invest in your future by working with VanderHouwen, one of the most established recruiting firms in Portland and Seattle.


The key to a successful career in IT & Technology starts with staying current on industry changes. Employers value candidates who have their fingers on the pulse of new and shifting technologies. When you work with VanderHouwen, our Technology staffing team will give you consultative guidance on how to update your skillset to best appeal to competitive organizations so that you can propel your career to the next level.

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Accounting & Finance

Seasoned Finance & Accounting professionals know that planning for the future is key. Whether you are ready to make a job change today or you’re just starting to consider your next career move, our Finance & Accounting recruiting team has the knowledge, industry connections and resources to help you plan for a successful career.


Today’s competitive engineering market provides job seekers a lot of options. As a result, finding the right fit and making strategic career decisions can feel overwhelming. When you partner with VanderHouwen, you’ll have access to a team that has significant engineering expertise who will help you achieve your career goals.

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Why VanderHouwen

Why VanderHouwen

When you partner with VanderHouwen, you’ll receive a 360° consultative experience. From our comprehensive and streamlined evaluation process to our advanced matching techniques, we are invested in helping you map out and achieve your career goals. We will guide you every step of the way—from your current position to your dream job. Our recruiters will provide you with a personalized and confidential recruiting strategy. We understand that finding the perfect position can be a challenge, and our goal is to make your career transition as easy and productive as possible.


From the moment I arrived at VanderHouwen to the moment I left, my experience was first-class. The staff was friendly, professional and quick to make me feel welcome, and feel both valued and valuable as a candidate. I cannot recommend VanderHouwen highly enough.

Peter A.
Sr. Financial Analyst

This is why I LOVE working with VanderHouwen: it’s not the coffee and lunch dates (although those are nice) — it’s the fact that I am thought of. Over my 25+ years of programming, I have worked with many agencies and none of them have made me feel like I was an actual part of the company. To some, I was an asset – a machine that they would start up or shut down. I don’t remember their names and I know they don’t remember mine. But VanderHouwen? You guys are the BEST.

Diane G.
Reports Developer

Working with VanderHouwen was an outstanding experience. They provided excellent guidance, always followed up in a timely manner, and made sure they had my and the potential company’s best interest in mind.

Darrin H.
Database Architect

Thank you so much with your assistance in finding a company that I am happy to work with and reach my career goals. I know that filling this role, as well as the hiring process, was very extensive. I appreciate all of your hard work to make this happen. I will keep you updated as the role progresses into bigger and better things. Once again, thank you so much.

Amy S.
Staff Accountant

Everyone at Vanderhouwen has exceeded my expectations for what working as a contractor would be like.

Frank H.
Project Manager